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These are the best  lotions and soaps I have ever tried! Golden Earth should be available at stores everywhere so we can all benefit from its purity, healing essence, and goodness!

M Haworth, Hollywood
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I use golden earth’s chakra oil #1 for when I am studying in school and need to stay focused and grounded. it helps me so much. I feel like I am able to be where I need to be when I use it. Thank you so much for making this product– I love it!

Roxanne, Claremont, CA

I absolutely love the chakra wellness oils as they bring peace and balance to my yoga clients after a chakra assessment. The infused crystals in the oils enhance the healing process (of unbalanced energy centers/chakras) and compliment the crystals also used in meditation allowing for earth’s bounty and energy to reside in and around us.

MJ La Duke Yogini, Bhakti Yoga, Novi, Michigan

I love all the oils and when I use them, I feel nurtured, loved, safe, secure and supported. ‘Thanks so much, Elizabeth, for your gift to all of us!’

Alison, Shelburne, MA

When I use your chakra oils 5, 6, and 7 … I feel like I can’t get enough of them. I feel so much peace and relief. They are wonderful, thank you for making them!

Laura, Redondo Beach, CA

I love your chakra oils because they are very grounding. I have been struggling with anxiety and have found your oils to be very helpful in alleviating my anxiety. And they smell great too!

Brenda,  Bradenton, Florida

I have been meaning to tell you this every morning, I love the fresh lotion, its like putting silk on my skin every morning, I love this lotion! Thank you for all your hard work over the years for creating such beautiful, clean, green, organic oils and lotions. I love your products!!!

Avghi, Los Angeles CA

As a professional clairvoyant, I can say that the energy of these products is the highest and purest I have ever seen on the market today. I got the whole chakra set of oils and have been having fun tuning in each day to see which chakra needs support then applying the oils.

Julia Harrell, Novato CA

Chakra 3 is my favorite, it has helped me greatly in many ways and I just love it, which is why I’m ordering it again. Thank you so much,

Candice, Washington

My wife is in love with the chakra oils! They are fantastic and I love the pyramid boxes, so cool!

Alex, Boulder, CO

As I have extremely sensitive skin, I spent many years searching for the perfect body lotion that would hydrate my skin and wouldn’t clog my pores from mineral oil/petroleum byproducts, “fragrances” and chemicals I can’t pronounce! Finally, 3 year ago I met Elizabeth and discovered her fabulous product line – golden earth. My search was over and prayers answered! Seriously! I’ve been using her body lotions and essential oils exclusively ever since then.

I just love the way her lotions smell, the fact that she combines essential oils and natural ingredients! My skin is baby soft, supple and I don’t get break-outs. In a pinch I’ve used her body lotion on my face with no adverse effects.

I highly recommend golden earth products to all those who want what I call the “spa smell experience”. If you don’t like any scent then her unscented message lotion is amazing, especially in the drier winter months. You don’t have to worry about any residue as all her body lotions absorb into the skin. this for me reaffirms Elizabeth’s commitment of using top quality ingredients, healing through natures natural remedies, and her dedication to eco-awareness.

Thank-You!  Elizabeth, you are my skin-care goddess!

Gratefully yours,
Chandra Los Angeles, CA

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature."
~ Gerard de Nerval

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