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“fresh” neroli perfume from nature is the scent of orange blossoms; it’s like heaven on earth!


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  • 3.5ml (1/8 oz) roll-on applicator
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neroli essential oil is what makes fresh so special, unique and another Customer favorite. neroli comes from orange blossoms and; it’s like heaven on earth! soft and sweet with a light citrus quality that awakens the senses and soothes the spirit. its a wonderful essential oil that helps support our emotions and uplift our spirit.

citrine crystal infusion ~ energizing and attracts

Benefits of using aromatherapy

stress relief, relaxation, enhance your body’s own healing process and a sense of inner peace.

essential oils are derived from the life blood or the heart of certain flowers and plants. This gives pure essential oils beautiful scents and unique vibrations that promote wellness unlike any synthetic replacement.

a true essential oil is always 100% natural and when applied to your body the healing passes on to you!



organic simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, neroli essential oil blend, citrine crystal infusion.

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sample size, 3.5ml (1/8 oz) roll-on


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