Chakra Wellness Collection – Full Set


Formulated with specific essential oils & crystals that balance the chakras

An easy, effective way to restore natural balance to your body, mind & spirit

Each bottle is 4 ml


Chakra Wellness Oils are a wonderful addition for any spa, massage therapist or healer who would like to promote additional healing through the use of aromatherapy.   The chakra oils can be used individually or as an uplifting and balancing blend for an infuser. Try adding a few drops to your favorite massage lotion. We recommend Golden Earth’s Illumination Unscented Massage Lotion for a soul-nourishing experience.

The full set contains:

Chakra 1Life Force Chakra Oil

Chakra 2Miracle Energy Chakra Oil

Chakra 3Optimism Chakra Oil 

Chakra 4 – Inner Nurture Chakra Oil  

Chakra 5 – Expression Chakra Oil

Chakra 6 – Insight Chakra Oil

Chakra 7 – Higher Knowledge Chakra Oil


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