essential oils: the facts

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“to be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat”

beverly nichols

about our sense of smell

our sense of smell is the most underrated of the five senses. however, smelling is the most highly developed and the strongest of all our senses. our ability to smell is controlled by the olfactory system, and cells in this system are renewed every twenty-eight days, which is amazing.  the body is complex and intelligent in so many ways.

often we are unaware of how powerful a scent can be and how we are influenced and affected by the enormous amount of scents that surround us in our daily lives, it can be overwhelming at times. memories of a favorite scent can be reminiscent of a loved one or a special time or place that occurred in our lives. a scent can transport us into a distant memory in the blink of an eye, a soothing scent can bring us peace and remind us of who we are. our relationship to scent is incredible and our memory of a particular scent can last a lifetime.

throughout the centuries, many different cultures have treated our sense of smell with the deepest respect, understanding that an aroma can nourish the body and awaken the spirit. it is this respect for our strongest sense that has manifested into the use of essential oils for meditation, during courting, spiritual practices, using incense during prayers, in a diffuser to create an elegantly scented room or just to wear like a perfume and feel beautiful and balanced.

about essential oils

essential oils factsessential oils are among the most aromatic substances on the planet. they are known to have healing properties and have been used for millennia to assist medicinal and spiritual purposes. pure essential oils are distilled from the heart of many plants, both flowers and trees. Many parts of the plant are used to make an essential oil; leaves, seeds, bark, flower petals and resin.

an essential oil is the purest, simplest form of a plant. true essential oils are wholly organic – they have no added chemicals, no foreign ingredients. they are the vital essence of plant life, and they are among the most healing scents on earth.

at golden earth, our products contain 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. we believe that using pure essential oils in our chakra oils, perfumes from nature, body moisturizers and body washes are a wonderful way to heal the body.  each essential oil is a gift from nature that contains powerful healing properties that nourish and revitalize the body, mind and spirit.

about perfumes

the earliest perfumes were made in Egypt over three thousand years ago. these earliest perfumes used only pure, natural essential oils. Cleopatra is the most famous, of course, when she added essential oils to the sails on her boat to entice Antony.  some essential oils are aphrodisiacs and they smell intoxicating! the original perfumes during that time period had much more to offer than just a pleasing scent. they were little healers in a bottle.

today, aromatherapy perfumes that are made with pure essential oils are still little healers in a bottle.  they still exist and they are aromatic treasures!

did you know that an artificial perfume can contain up to six hundred different chemicals. such perfumes have turned away from nature and lost all of the beneficial healing that was a part of perfumery. chemical perfumes are merely pretty scents, and often they aren’t even that –  a single spray of a chemically made perfume can often be offensive and harsh to the nose and in some cases can cause an allergic reaction.

Golden Earth always uses 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in all of our products.

golden earth’s collection of chakra oils and the beautiful perfumes from nature scents along with the i choose collection are all created intuitively with divine guidance, using therapeutic grade essential oils  infused with crystals that nourish your body, soothe your spirit and enliven your senses. apply these beautiful scents many times throughout the day to receive the healing benefits in each of the essential oil blends. essential oils provide overall wellness and balance in your daily life and relationships.  essential oils are natural and we do add any extenders to make them last longer.  we consider them as more of a personal scent, they go on the skin and last as long as it takes your body to naturally absorb the oils. it’s a truly natural process.

essential oils and massage

we all love to be touched, it helps us feel more grounded, whole and connected. Massage is one of the nicest gifts you can give yourself especially if you use golden earths wonderful massage lotion, illumination along with some beautiful smelling essential oils. indulge your body and your senses.
you’re worth it!!

about using essential oils

essential oils should always be used with a carrier; a carrier is a base that supports the essential oils such as a lotion, gel or oil.  you can use your favorite carrier oil such as jojoba, almond, rose hips, coconut, grape seed, sunflower and apricot seed oil as an example. most essential oils are not meant to be applied directly (neat) to the skin.  these oils can be added to any of the individual single note essential oils, and then applied to your body. you only need a few drops of an essential oil in your carrier. create your own blend using a few of your favorite essential oils, its fun and easy.

all of the chakra oils, perfumes from nature and i choose essential oil blends created by golden earth are safe for use on the skin. or you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a warm bath, a sensual massage, a diffuser, or in a luxurious foot bath. all of the single note essential oils we sell need to have a carrier oil.  they are not sold with a carrier oil, they are full strength.

golden earth facts

at golden earth, we are dedicated to helping people, animals, and the planet. we believe that we are all one. planet, people, animals, plants and even rocks! golden earth supports the earth by recycling all of the packing materials and boxes we receive, we have eco friendly packaging on our products and they are recyclable.  we are cruelty free and vegan, gluten free and no artificial fragrances.  everything is made with love.

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature."
~ Gerard de Nerval

Why not learn to enjoy the little things.. there are so many of them…

Author Unknown