Elizabeth Golden

In the heart of Topanga Canyon, Elizabeth Golden, aromatherapist, founder and creator of Golden Earth’s collection of luxurious aromatherapy products, has been creating beautiful, eco packaged, aromatherapy products made with love, for over 2 decades.

Elizabeth has a beautiful gift Elizabeth Golden that she shares graciously with the world. Her passion is creating amazing essential oil blends that are uplifting, healing and beneficial in many ways. She became an aromatherapist to help others find balance and have overall wellness in their daily lives, she is a true healer by nature.

Essential oils

Essential oils provide healing through scent and vibration.The Plant kingdom is very powerful and essential oils are a beautiful gift that mother nature provides for all of us. They provide overall wellness & balance in our daily lives. Essential oils assist with our physical, mental and emotional well being. They promote healthy relationships with ourselves and others, creating a sense of inner peace, clarity and personal empowerment. Essential oils can be used individually or in a blend. The world of aromatherapy is filled with many possibilities for good health, healing and living a healthy lifestyle.

we use organic

We use organic and wild crafted essential oils in our products,  that are “made with botanical ingredients,” Elizabeth creates each product using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, in addition to other high quality natural and botanical ingredients. Those ingredients are nourishing to the body, sustainable and promote overall wellness. Using pure essential oils is the key to healthy living and one of mother earth’s most powerfully therapeutic treasures, here is the collection of products that Elizabeth created:


nourishing body, mind & spirit

Each of golden earth’s aromatherapy products are made intuitively. Elizabeth uses high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils in all of golden earth’s essential oil blends. Each one has a certain aspect of healing in mind and promotes overall wellness and balance. Some of Elizabeth’s favorite essential oils are rose, jasmine, sandalwood & neroli. Your gift is to enjoy the scent and experience of these essential oils in many of Golden earth’s products. Each essential oil is precious and treasured throughout the world. True aroma-therapeutic essential oils like those found in golden earth body moisturizers, chakra oils, chakra body moisturizers and body washes have a healing vibration that simply cannot be duplicated with a synthetic fragrance. Experience the difference for yourself when you use golden earth’s aromatherapy body products. You will feel the amazing benefits within your body, mind and spirit!

caring for the earth and all her creatures

flower in handBeyond golden earth’s collection of healing aromatherapy products. We have awareness of our beautiful planet, our Mother Earth. She provides us with so many gifts and blessings. We honor her by taking care of what is within our power. We recycle all of the packing materials that are sent to us, We use eco- packaging and infuse all of our products with love. We send love and healing energy to our beautiful planet.

supports a number of local and national charities

golden earth also supports a number of local and national charities that are working toward improving the lives of people, children and animals. we are a supporter of childhelp, which is a wonderful organization for abused and neglected children, the Rukmini foundation that helps people in Nepal, children of the earth foundation that helps educate children in Nepal, we also support various animal support and rescue organizations.


golden earth is a cruelty free and vegan company as well as a signer of the compact for safe cosmetics and environmental working group.
Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature."
~ Gerard de Nerval

Why not learn to enjoy the little things.. there are so many of them…

Author Unknown