It’s that Time of Year again, The Holidays were some of us find ourselves looking for that one Gift. You know what I am talking about those hard to shop for people. Well, I say give them some Love.

Your Gift of Love

Your love this Holiday Season can be as simple as an exchange of smiles with a stranger, or a hug between good friends or Family, a hand on a to help someone who may be suffering or simple just listening attentively to someone sharing themselves with you. Let’s all take the time to express love out in the world so we can shift the energy a bit this Holiday season.  A New Year is starting and it’s a big world, yet…there are many “head-scratching” occurrences in history and present time that have no true explanation. We just have to believe, love and hope for a wonderful year to come.

Miracles are possible, we’ve each experienced many miracles. Do we notice them? They occur every day in some form or another, Love and Kindness are a huge miracle we take for granted every day. Each one of us is a miracle as we smile, live, love, and breath, we should not lose touch with the small Miracles that are happening all the time. What will be your miracle today? There are so many tiny miracles happening all the time. Such as giving up a Parking space in a crowded shopping center, the smiling face you make to someone you pass in any large city can be a small miracle. They are all around us. All you need is awareness…BE the miracle today.

Gifts under 25 dollars

small love image

Oh, You are looking for a gift to wrap. I get sidetracked sometimes with my joy of people and I know most people are good. Well, you are at golden earth and we do sell some Lotions and Perfumes with the name Love. I am having a sale Dec. 4th – Dec. 20th 2018, with 20% off all my Lotions(Body Moisturizers) 8.5 oz sizes and Perfume roll-ons. Coupon Code on this Website is  holiday2018. This can give you a gift under $25.00 to give to that hard to shop for person.

Simple Destressing Exercise

Shopping can be stressful how about taking a moment right now to center in your heart. A Simple exercise is to give yourself a breath, place a hand on your heart space, close your eyes and imagine the feeling of love. This is Just for you because loving yourself is so important. Now you may not feel anything or see anything or you may see a color or be filled with emotion or maybe a family member, friend, or special someone pops into your head. I hope it brings a smile, joy, and love to you. See where this takes you and share your love within yourself and with all you encounter today and the rest of the Holiday Season.

Happy Holiday 2018 from Golden Earth