Testimonial “Elizabeth’s Golden Earth body washes and lotions are some of the gentlest and most lovingly healing products I have ever used.  I’ve always been a finely scented, French triple-milled, luxurious soap, rather than a liquid body wash kind of guy.  That is, until I was given the wonderful gift of her “Love” aromatherapy body wash and lotion set.  From the very first time I tried them out, I was amazed at not only the quality of the ingredients and the healing fragrance, but even more so with the palpable healing energies in the products.  It felt like I had angels tending to my well-being.  Fresh, clean, and loved – what a great way to start your day!”Michael J Tamura, World Renown Spiritual Teacher, Healing Pioneer, and Author of YOU ARE THE ANSWER

aromatherapy essential oils to promote wellness in mind, body, and spirit

at golden earth, Elizabeth Golden is inspired!! She creates the finest organic aromatherapy chakra oils, chakra lotions, natural perfumes, body moisturizers, body wash & massage lotion. all of these spiritually yummy goodies are made intuitively with love and infused with the intention of creating a more balanced life along with harmonious relationships. Elizabeth was guided to use her gifts of healing and her fabulous “nose” to create the beautifully harmonious scents that have delighted many of golden earth’s fans, scent enthusiasts and spiritual seekers for many years.

golden earth’s beautiful collection of aromatherapy infused body moisturizers, chakra oils, chakra lotions and natural perfumes, promote wellness and balance for living a healthy lifestyle. all of our aromatherapy collections are made from the finest botanical ingredients.  our beautiful scents contain a variety of precious essential oils, some of Elizabeth’s favorites include sandalwood, neroli, rose, tuberose and jasmine.  you will find these beautiful essential oils in many of our products.

essential oils are sourced from different parts of the world.  each of the essential oils contained within our collections are all 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, which are aromatic plant extracts.  in addition to the essential oils which are amazing on their own, Elizabeth infuses crystals into each aromatherapy blend.  The result is an amazing alchemy inspired by the pant kingdom that is healthy, clean and supports the body in harmony.  we continually delight our customers with their own spiritual renewal, physical revitalization, and emotional rejuvenation.

therapeutic grade essential oils

golden earth’s essential oil blends are created using pure, high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils.  essential oils are derived from the life blood or the heart of certain flowers and plants. they are the vital essence of the plant from which they are distilled.  pure essential oils have beautiful scents, healing properties and unique vibrations.  each essential oil is unique and promotes wellness unlike any synthetic replacement. a true essential oil is always 100% natural, just like all of golden earth’s products.

natural essential oils, massage lotions, and body care products

for over three thousand years essential oils have been used in the world of natural perfumes, incense and medicinal remedies. by using pure essential oils and only a hand full of other natural ingredients in our collection of natural perfumes, chakra oils, chakra lotions, body moisturizers, massage lotion and body wash, golden earth’s beautiful aromatherapy collection has a natural healing power that promotes wellness within the body and spirit.

browse through our selection of healing chakra oils, our beautiful perfumes from nature collection with 6 special essential oil blends, our luxurious massage lotions and our nourishing body care products.  find your favorite among our collection that will soothe your soul and revitalize your spirit. each essential oil has a unique healing energy and that’s what golden earth is all about!

our therapeutic essential oils are ideal for personal or professional use. at golden earth you can buy our essential oil products in a variety of sizes – from travel to bulk – so you can find the size that’s right for your needs. though we use some of the most expensive ingredients, we strive to keep all of our products affordable. at golden earth, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits that truly natural essential oils have to offer.


if you’re a spa professional, we welcome you!  we are happy to create packages that will inspire your clients and create wellness for all.  We have beautiful essential oil blends created especially for spa treatments. we even have an unscented massage lotion so that you can mix in a few drops of the organic essential oil blend of your choice and give your clients a customized aromatherapy massage. we’re sure you’ll love the smell, and our massage lotion has the perfect slip, plus the nourishing skin benefits of our massage lotion and other spa products.

individuals can feel like they have a spa at home with our personally sized body lotions, essential oils, and body wash. treat yourself to a relaxing bath with a few drops of our chakra oils or perfumes from nature to replenish your spirit or start your day with one of our aromatherapy essential oils to feel centered and beautiful.

buy essential oils and start spiritual and emotional healing

our therapeutic essential oils are 100% vegan and cruelty free. find a retailer near you or order online to experience the spiritual and emotional healing of golden earth essential oil products.